Don’t you know if now the broken era has been arrived?. dont you see if somebody never shy to do the badness, like consume a drug, smoking, do free sex and many else. but I gotten guidance from Allah that is a can follow the true religion where they educated me how to be the good people. the fact is I never do that, I always workship to my lord and run away from the mistakes. I hope I will hold this guidance until I die, until I must enter to the heaven and until I will meet with my lord couse that is the best think is this universe. I will eternal in the heaven with my family. Are they dont know what think that be they lord? is it a rock, human, the moon, a sun?. 

     but unfortunately, still much people who have’nt found the true religion, I very sad. How could they come to the heaven if their religion is wrong? but I hope with becoming the teacher of islamic religion, I can make them to be true, I can make them to be the lucky people. I hope they realize if it the true one, I hope they can know if The goodness is inside their soul with it, I hope they do the rule on my religion becouse with following Qur’an and hadist, your life will be better. Im not deny!! , if I deny you can take my laptop NOW. I just wanna make them true, not only me or my brother. But if Allah destiny is not to good for you all, Only pray that can change that. 

I give you example if allah is true, in Qur’an is writen before technology arrive that the human created by the blood, and they give step how allah make the human. and now the fact is true !!. another  bit example if may not consume a drug, smoking, do free sex, becouse that so bad for our healty condition. All of the rule in islam is to be the guardian of the badness.

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