Improvement Writing Skill on Freelance Article’s Writer

Writing is the activity which is make our boring for the another time. Actually, we usually writes something in everywhere when we send a massage with the someone, we writes all about our status in facebook or we chat with some people in community. People said that writing is the most complicated ability than the others. It is miss understanding about the effect of writing because this skill is very simple. We can write of everything that we wants in our life. If we effort to try for explore our writing skill, we can find some knowledge. Joining the freelance article’s writer is the best way to improve our writing skill.

            I would like to tell you about the benefit of joining freelance article’s writer. If we become a freelance article’s writer, we get some points from the positive effect. We are not only get some fee from the media service, but also we can get some techique  how to write article with the good structure and grammatically. More often we writes English article, more better we can increase our skill in the writing ability. There are many media service agency that provide English article, especially in Indonesia. This media have some interesting articles which is written in Indonesian and English text.

The First, getting more vocabulary when we write English article

 We take some information from the references that we used for write the article. Everyone has remember some vocabulary after we read some English article. Then, we try to make summary from many articles that we read. It is the positive effect become a freelance article’s writer.

Next we have some ideas for explore the writing skill

In media service agency, the editor usually give some keywords for many freelance writers. Editor always make the rule when the deadline of the submit of article. Therefore, many writers capable to explore their idea to writing the topic that decided. We can become a creative writer in habitually.

Then Supplying the linguistic to be good English Translator

We can practice to write all topics, so we study the different of linguistics from some text of articles in habitually. For example, we get the keyword from the editor, but we get some references in Indonesia text. We can translate from Indonesian to English. The structure of sentence in Indonesian have influence with English. If the article in Indonesian text has some complicated problem in the structure of sentence, we will find the obstruction to translate it. It makes the freelance writer are understanding about the quality of the article what it is effective or not. Joining the freelance article’s writing is the best strategy before we decide to be a good translator based from the example of media service in Indonesia.

Finally Make the relationship among the freelance article’s writer

We get some friends from the other freelance article’s writer in media service agency. It is important to make the good communication although we connected in online media. In some case, we can share about the knowledge with the another writer, especially English writing article.

            Thus, I think that gives many profits for the beginner freelance article’s writer. This service media agency extend some knowledge about everything such as sport, religion, entertainment, vacation, technology, education, health , etc. So, we get exploring about all of information. This media provide English article too. It is very advantage for the people who want to study about English writing skill.




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