Bless from GOD


I’ve gotta a friend, an old friend.. She’s a.. I don’t know what she is… All I know bout her that… I think she have some trust in me… Well, perharps there are moments in her life when she hates me, disappointed at me, mad at me… But I’m sure, in general, she feels alright to have friend like me…. 

What is my point now ? Well, I just want you to know, that having a friend like her is a bless…. Because you cannot buy sincerity, nor trust, can you.. ?

We talked about life, about relationship, about “man – woman relationship” , about marriage, about ambitions, about our trust in ourselves, about how we think about many things, about our regrets, failures, fears, worries, about God, our faith…

We are honest to each other, I don’t know whether we do it everytime or sometimes… All I know.. most of the time.. we do it…. We don’t feel to pretend when we do the communication… We grow, fall down sometimes, give supports to each other,  gossipping God ( can you imagine that ?? ) …

I love  my friend… for what she is… I just wish that in the end, she won’t get lost…she will find her way… that she can be truly happy….really smile sincerely….

Yeah, I do hope so…

And for me, I wish that I ….what do I wish for myself ??

I just wish that I can … have some trust in men… have some trust in a man… a man who would be my friend…friend of life….

I hope that I can do that… I really hope so….

Right now  I’m not sure where to begin ?

Well, perhaps, I’ll begin with that WISH  first… Aaameen….


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